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Ocqueteau 605tim M/90hk
Ocqueteau 60...
EUR 30.800
Saver 650 Cabin 125hk - Toploadet
Saver 650 Ca...
EUR 40.190
Blackcat 520
Blackcat 520
EUR 12.040
Starfisher 1060 Fly 2 X Diesel
Starfisher 1...
EUR 241.150
Skibsplast 660dc Diesel
Skibsplast 6...
EUR 46.890

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Nord West 355 Fly C-model
Nord West 35...
EUR 187.530
Nimbus 380 Carisma Nr. 291
Nimbus 380 C...
EUR 187.670
EUR 5.900
EUR 5.300
Askeladden Z8
Askeladden Z...
EUR 107.110

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