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Jetlev-Flyer Jetpack Add-on Kit

Baujahr:  2020

In Verkoophaven, Nieder...

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3.999 EUR

  • Holland Sport Boat Centre B.V.
  • Niederlande
  • 0206947527
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. The most affordable way to fly your own jetpack! The most affordable way to fly your own jetpack! This add on kit allows you to use your jetski / PWC as power unit. It is compatible to Sea-Doo, Yamaha and Kawasaki models. Say hello to our breathtaking Jetpack Add-On Kit, our latest breakthrough in the watercraft sector. Your familys dream of great days on the water is possible right now. The Jetpack Add-On Kit is playful and very easy to fly. Mounting our kit to your existing jetski is also extremely simple. Our Jetpack Add-On Kit is meticulously designed and built in Germany to offer every type of pilot a great experience on the water. Instead of mounting the water supply tube under the bottom of the PWC / jetski we use the way above which allows the boat unit to get easy on plane. The Jetpack Add-On Kit is equipped with more features than you would expect from its attractive pricing. Specifications:


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