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Yamarin 68 DC * (Købs...
VideoYamarin 68 DC * (Købsaftale ER Underskrevet) Motor boat 2014, with Yamaha 225 4T engine, Denmark
Polaris Drabant 26
Polaris Drabant 26 Sailing boat 1978, with Yanmar engine, Denmark
Larson 274 Cabrio, Di...
Larson 274 Cabrio, Diesel Motor boat 2008, with Volvo Penta D4 - 225 engine, Denmark
Tur 84
Tur 84 Sailing boat 1978, with Yanmar engine, Sweden
Agder 840
Agder 840 Motor boat 2010, with Yanmar engine, Denmark
Beneteau Gran Turismo...
Beneteau Gran Turismo 49 Motor boat 2014, with Volvo Penta D6 - Ips engine, Denmark
X-Yachts X-362 Sport
X-Yachts X-362 Sport Sailing boat 2000, with Yanmar engine, Denmark
Viksund 340 St. Cruz
VideoViksund 340 St. Cruz Motor boat 2008, with Cummins engine, Denmark
Folkeboot Sailing boat 1993, with Tohatsu engine, Germany
Albin Ballad
Albin Ballad Sailing boat 1972, with Volvo Penta D1-30 engine, Denmark
Princess 45 Flybridge
Princess 45 Flybridge Motor boat 2005, with Volvo Penta D9-500 engine, Denmark
Luffe 37
Luffe 37 Sailing boat 2004, with Volvo Penta engine, Denmark
CR360 Sailing boat 2008, with Volvo Penta D1 engine, Denmark
Defever 48 Sundeck
VideoDefever 48 Sundeck Motor boat 1985, with Ford Sabro engine, Denmark
Pasja 1201
Pasja 1201 Sailing boat 2009, with Beta Marine engine, Poland
Nimbus 305 Coupe “Ear...
Nimbus 305 Coupe “Early Bird” Motor boat 2016, with Volvo Penta D3 engine, Denmark
Matcher 31
Matcher 31 Sailing boat 1993, with Lombardini engine, Denmark
Folkboot Nordic
Folkboot Nordic Sailing boat 1963, with Tohatsu engine, Denmark
Ryds 628 Duo
VideoRyds 628 Duo Power boat 2018, with Mercury engine, Denmark
Granada 35
Granada 35 Sailing boat 1983, with Buhk engine, Denmark
Sealine 360 Statesman
Sealine 360 Statesman Motor boat 1996, with Mercruiser engine, Denmark
Bianca Commander 31
Bianca Commander 31 Sailing boat 1975, with Yanmar 2GM20 Med Sejldrev SD20 engine, Denmark
S520 Grand
S520 Grand Inflatable / Rib 2020, with Yamaha 70 hk. engine, Denmark
X-Yachts 4.3 mk1
X-Yachts 4.3 mk1 Sailing boat 2019, with Yanmar engine, The Netherlands