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Sailor info

We have compiled a number of press releases, news articles, and boat tests that we believe will be of interest to sailors like yourself. Our list also includes articles about various boats and boat types, as well as other publications that may be of interest to sailors and sailing enthusiasts. If you feel that something is missing from the list, please feel free to contact our support. We wish you a pleasant experience!

Boat trading abroad


If you dream of buying a boat abroad, there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be in order. You are best off if, in connection with boat trading abroad, you obtain documentation for maintenance, inspection of the boat's engine, and papers showing that the boat's VAT has been paid. There is no international standard that the seller must adhere to in connection with boat trading abroad. This places great demands on the buyer, and if the correct documents are not provided, it may result in the boat not being able to be registered with the Danish authorities.

MHC Law has good contacts with experts who can inspect the boat and possibly prepare a condition report before you sign the purchase contract. MHC Law can also handle the negotiation of the boat's final price if you wish.

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  • Thoroughly inspect the boat before purchasing it.
  • Seek the assistance of a lawyer to review the boat's paperwork.
  • Examine the boat's technical elements such as the engine, instruments, and electrical systems.
  • Research the boat's price compared to similar ones in Denmark.
  • Determine if VAT needs to be paid on the boat if you intend to bring it back to Denmark.
  • Find out if the boat has been used for charter or rental purposes.
  • Check for any outstanding debts on the boat.
  • Ensure that the boat has an approved CE certificate allowing it to be used for sailing in Europe.

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