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Hovercraft For Sale. Sale Passenger Hovercraft And Water Jet Boats.

Build year:  2019


Work ship for sale

69,300 EUR

  • Marcom Integrales DE Sistemas, S.L.
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  • 28100 Madrid
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Hovercraft For Sale. Sale Passenger Hovercraft And Water Jet Boats.

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Hovercraft Mars-10E The boat has a high maneuverability and can be used to supply remote settlements, for passenger and freight transportation, protection of water bodies, as well as a type of official vehicle for law enforcement structures. Hovercraft type: Skeg scheme of flexible fencing Operation area: Sea, Inland waterways and lakes, Ice and Snow The main advantages of the hovercraft MARS-10E, MARS-10 ou can find a images of hovercraft on https://mhovercraft.com/videos-of-hovercraft-mars-10e-em/ You can find a images of hovercraft on https://mhovercraft.com/videos-of-hovercraft-mars-10e-em/ Very cheaper price than from other manufacturers; Range up to 750 km; Metal screw and CC with anti-icing system as standard; Metal case provides durability, and a light cabin made of fiberglass provides good heat and sound insulation; High maintainability and ease of maintenance; Low noise level; Optimal placement of the craft gravity center in comparison with analogues; Horizontal steering wheels as standard; Availability of a closed hood and a high degree of engine accessibility to perform maintenance work; Belt protection system eliminating beating, vibration and providing a smooth start; Availability of a proprietary maintenance and navigatorsÍ´ training service; Low spatter formation during maneuvering and movement; Autonomous heating during parking; The main advantage of our boats is a higher level of reliability compared to analogues. Technical specification of the hovercraft MARS-10E: ACC type Skeg scheme of flexible fencing Hull metal Overall length, m 8,0 Overall width, m 3,6 Overall height, m 3,3 Transportation height, m 2,5 Passenger capacity including the navigator 10 Travel range, km Standard up to 400, up to 750 with additional tank Max speed on water, km/h 75 Max speed on snow/ice, km/h 90 Max speed on grass/sand, km/h 55 Max wave height, m 1.5 Max wind, m/s 15 Fuel capacity, l 270 Engine IVECO F1C diesel Engine power with 3500 rpm kWt (H.P.) 107 (146) Doors two doors like "wing of seagull" on vessel boards Cabin dimensions (length, width, height), m 3,6 / 2,0 / 1,4 Power supply 12V DC Warranty 2 years for new hovercraft Warranty 1 year for used hovercraft


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