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Cycloon 700

Build year:  2006

Haarle (NL), The Netherlands

Motor boat for sale

7,500 EUR

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The Cyclone 700 is a striking and powerful speedboat. With a length of 700 cm, width of 185 cm and a draft of 100 cm, this boat is designed for speed and maneuverability on the water. The year of construction of the boat is 2006. The design of the boat is streamlined and aerodynamic. The boat is made of high quality material consisting of carbon/kevlar, which provides a light but strong construction. The Cyclone is powered by a powerful Chevy Big Block engine rated at a whopping 635 horsepower. The engine starts electrically and has a maximum speed of 165 kilometers per hour. This provides a true thrill on the water. For the convenience of the driver, the boat is equipped with steering wheel steering and a hydraulic bow thruster to make maneuvering easier. Also, this speedboat is equipped with an electric bilge pump to pump any water out of the boat. The boat is registered with the Dutch RDW under number 27-81-YH and needs to be transferred. In addition, the boat comes with a matching trailer of the brand TDS, suitable for the type speedboat-and-ribs. The trailer is in good condition, braked and has a load capacity of 2000 kg. This trailer is also registered with the Dutch RDW under registration number: WT-ZS-47 and should also be transferred. Whether you sail on lakes, inland waterways or at sea, this speedboat is sure to offer you an unforgettable experience. With her speed and attractive design, the Cyclone is a boat for lovers of speed and adventure.   ADDITIONAL INFORMATION We advise you to take advantage of the viewing day. The boat is on the shore. This boat is registered at the Dutch RDW under number 27-81-YH and needs to be transferred. This boat is registered with road trailer at the Dutch RDW under registration number WT-ZS-47 and needs to be transferred. This boat is sold under the general and special auction conditions. This is a public auction so the purchase cannot be returned based on the legal right of withdrawal.


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