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Boten Gevraagd Voor De Veiling

Bouw jaar:  2020

In Verkoophaven, The Ne...

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  • Bootveiling.Com
  • Rubberstraat 9
  • 1411 AL Naarden
  • The Netherlands
  • 035-5449675
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Ask for a quote. . Sold your boat in two months. See the website for details. Sell your boat The quickest way to get a fair price for your boat. Bootveiling.com is looking for boats to auction. These can be boats in any price range and category. The condition of the boat does not have to be an obstacle to include the boat in an auction. Our sales percentage in an auction is over 80%, so there is a good chance that we have already sold your boat in the upcoming auction. Bootveiling.com has the largest customer base of boat lovers in the Netherlands. Partly because of this we are the fastest growing platform to sell boats. There are serious bids that many boat owners have been able to sell their boat to their full satisfaction. What are your advantages? You decide whether you accept the highest bid or not Your boat will be sold from its own berth Bootveiling.com takes care of all communication with potential buyers There's only one viewing moment Bootveiling.com takes care of the financial processing and transfer documents. Selling your boat at Bootveiling.com is 10x cheaper than with a yacht broker. Viewing day When selling your boat there will be a viewing before the auction so that interested parties can view your boat. The viewing day takes place on the Saturday prior to the auction from 11 am to 2 pm. So you only have to show the boat to potential boat buyers at one moment. If this viewing moment is not convenient for you, please contact us. Award process At the end of the auction you have 3 days to decide whether or not to sell (grant) the boat for the highest amount bid. If you accept the bid, we will finalize the sale of the boat. We take care of the financial settlement and the transfer documents. After the transfer of the boat has taken place you will receive money in your account within 24 hours. In the meantime the money will remain safely in our third party money account. Don't grant, don't commit to anything If yo


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