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Askeladden P77 Weekend motor boat | ads

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  • Boat model : Askeladden P77 Weekend

Askeladden is Norway's largest manufacturer of leisure boats, aiming to set the standard for the future of boating. They prioritize design, innovation, and safety, manufacturing market-leading boats with a focus on quality in every detail. Askeladden boats are built to withstand Nordic climates and provide problem-free boating experiences in various conditions. The company guarantees exceptional hull quality by using multi-axial fibre mats. They also enforce strict quality requirements for mooring fittings, instruments, and furnishings, ensuring the longevity of their boats. Askeladden's boats feature innovative instruments, modern furnishings, and high safety standards. With a boat range of 14 models ranging from 4 to 10 meters in length, Askeladden sells its boats in 10 different countries, and its production is located in Hagavik, Norway.