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Hausbootgeist Indie

Build year:  2024

Nieuwbouw, The Netherlands

Live a board / River boat for sale

550,000 EUR

ex. EU Vat.
  • Scheepsmakelaardij Goliath
  • Hendrik Bulthuisweg 2
  • NL 8606 KB Sneek
  • The Netherlands
  • +31 515560410
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Energy-efficient built-in motor and/or motor nacelles with cross-emergency circuit Patented solar rail© and fuel cell for power generation InnovatiHouseboats from HausbootGeist® are completely self-sufficient and do not limit your desire to travel. Even narrow locks can be overcome and the most beautiful places in protected inland waterways can be chosen for a stay!   Life on the water- Individual and resource-saving! Without restrictions, travel on inland waterways throughout Europe, through narrow canals and locks, under small bridges, to remote areas ... from Marseille to Oslo and from Rotterdam to Warsaw, both in the Danube Delta and in the Dutch Ponds, canals and "seas" ... this is our dream. On the way to realize this, we did not find the comfort related to the technically durable equipment, which is essential for us. So we constructed our dream ourselves and want to share it with you. Our vision at HausbootGeist® is to be able to live and travel without supply constraints, be self-sufficient in energy and with independent water supply and process water drainage, leaving behind the shackles of conventional boat technology. Enjoy the luxury of this freedom on our Houseboats, whether you want to use it as a vacation home or as a permanent center of life. Anything is possible! Enjoy luxury on the water - Houseboat INDIE Welcome to your floating home! You can expect an elegant ambience and generously furnished rooms. In addition, bright floors made of wood such as birch or brushed maple. The wooden floors are sealed and thus protected from stains such as red wine or tomato sauce. For the tiles in the bathrooms, we offer a wide selection of a light material in an elegant tile look. You want to buy a houseboat? We are happy to advise you on the choice of materials and furniture. Do you want to use INDIE as a charter boat or mobile home? Lots of space for living: As you would expect from a master bedroom, the INDIE's owner's cabin offers space for a generous double bed, a desk with ample storage, ample closet space for closet and shelves for evening reading. An L-shaped kitchen with modern technology such as induction fields, indirect steam extractor, dishwasher and double-door refrigerator offer you all the amenities you know from home. Atmosphere thanks to a sophisticated lighting concept: The lounge with its large window front gives the feeling of becoming one with the water landscape. The large windows let in lots of light and allow you to enjoy nature with all your senses. In both the owner's cabin and the guest cabin, curtains or slats can provide the desired blackout. In addition to the large windows, a lighting concept creates a cozy atmosphere. The light can be dimmed throughout the ship or in individual rooms. Wellness oasis bath - pure relaxation! One of the special feel-good elements on board are the washrooms: In addition to the shower room, there is a second bathroom with a bathtub. The wooden designer tub measuring 1.71 m x 91 cm is reminiscent of a boat. There is a matching sink, also made of wood. While bathing, you can admire nature through the large outdoor window or protect yourself from prying eyes using adjustable wooden slats. The shower area consists of a comfortable shower and a Grohe porcelain toilet with integrated odor extraction and bidet function. Joie de vivre on the sun deck: Be enchanted by life on the houseboat and discover the luxury of a unique lifestyle. But the sun deck offers plenty of space to enjoy fine weather, sunshine and views. An integrated lounge area behind the upper helm invites the crew to socialize, have an aperitif or barbecue. The large area in front of the helm allows you to celebrate with up to 35 people on board - even while driving. So why not invite friends to your houseboat for your next birthday? Fun on the swim platform: At the stern there is a lowered swimming platform for swimming, aqua jogging or a small excursion by electric dinghy for shopping or walking. In addition, two e-bikes would have space on board to explore the area comfortably yet sportily during a shore leave. INDIE equipment at a glance: A comfortable owner and guest cabin each A spacious living room with a sofa bed Two bathrooms: one with comfortable shower and porcelain toilet and one with designer bathtub CE certificate for 4+2+29 people: 4 fixed berths fixed for long trips, 2 variable berths in the lounge. In addition, up to 29 people can be accommodated on the ship - especially the upper deck A total of 35 people can be on board: the hydrostability was calculated for a maximum number of people. Before this, it was assumed that 20-35 people participate in charter events or deck parties. In such cases there should be a seat for each person (folding seat also possible). A total of 6+29 persons can be on board - even while driving. Durable, safe and innovative - this technology will inspire you! Our goal is to use modern technology to fully enjoy the beauty and tranquility of life on the water in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way. Electric propulsion makes no noise, full redundancy and bow thrusters give the safe feeling of never being stranded, and solar panels and fuel cells make unlimited travel possible. The length and width of the hull are deliberately chosen so you can easily pass through locks, which are usually only five meters wide, even in remote areas. With our electrically powered Houseboats, you have a choice of motor options: either the classic version with built-in motors; rigid drive shafts and rudder blades; or motor nacelles that combine rudder and propulsion. Additional safety is provided by an emergency circuit of the accumulator banks, so they can be switched to the other drive if necessary. So even in the event of a crosswise motor or battery failure, you can safely reach the next phase target with the houseboat. Thrusters are installed in both hulls to facilitate approach and departure maneu


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