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Marex Marex 350 Scandinavia

Build year:  2006

Värmdö, Sweden

Motor boat for sale

130,120 EUR

(1,495,000 SEK)

  • Båtagent Sweden – Stockholm
  • Jonas Claesson
  • Sweden
  • +46 701 47 80 48
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Comfort for your money Marex combines the Norwegian love for outdoor life with the modern comfort that groundbreaking technology and intuitive design have given us. One of the most popular models is the 350 Scandinavia, an eternal classic found in countless Nordic harbors. The Marex 350 Scandinavia is a beautiful, typical Norwegian cabin cruiser with all the innovative technology and smart solutions from top to bottom that you can imagine. The Marex 350 Scandinavia emerged through endless tests, powerful engines, and a focus on family life. So you can look forward to a boat that truly fulfills all your desires for life at sea. The 350 Scandinavia is absolutely fantastic to steer. With standard equipment, you get a powerful engine that can propel the boat to a speed of 35 knots. Most people choose to stick to a much lower speed, but every now and then it can be fun to really speed up the boat and feel the rush in your stomach as you fly over the sea surface. The 350 Scandinavia is excellently suited for longer trips with the whole family - up to 5 people can stay on this beautiful boat with full comfort without stepping on each other's toes. Interior Here you will find a complete kitchen with a diesel hob and sink, as well as a small refrigerator. The kitchen is most suitable for four people, but there is easily room for more if they sit a little closer together. There is plenty of storage space, no spaces have been left unused. Just behind the door on the upper deck, there is another corner where the family can gather after dinner and chat while gazing out over the sea - two steps down and you are by the water and can take a dip. The helm is also surrounded by modern technology, clear buttons, and a hydraulic steering wheel that makes steering a dream. Below deck, there is a large and spacious salon with storage space both under the sofa and at the window sills. It is incredibly easy to transform the sofa into a large double bed, and when passing the spacious bathroom, you come to a real bedroom with reading lamps and air conditioning. Here, one can actually live year-round and follow the summer no matter where it is heading! Exterior The biggest advantage of the 350 Scandinavia is, of course, its so-called hardtop. When the door is locked, you easily retain the warmth, and it is convenient to mount the cover even on the outside of the boat if you wish for more space. The 350 Scandinavia is just over ten meters long and three meters wide, but it only protrudes 2.7 meters above the sea surface. It is therefore easy to get on and off the boat regardless of the guest harbor. In addition, there is room for up to 10 people on the deck, and 4 people can easily stay overnight on board (six people if two of them are children).

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