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Oostzaner Jol Replica

Build year:  1900

Holland, The Netherlands

Motor boat for sale

100 EUR

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This Oostzaner Jol made of polyester honors the historic ship type that originated in the Middle Ages. With a length of 500 centimeters and a width of 135 centimeters, this slender rowing boat is a tribute to the traditional Oostzan water culture. The small ship has a dark green hull and white with green interior. This is the original color scheme of the Oostzaner Jol. The red accent in the rowing bench is also a reference to the classic Jol of old. This elegant Jol features hardwood decking, sturdy wooden footrest and a wooden trim. The woodwork is in good condition and the combination with the polyester hull makes maintenance very modest and the boat can stay in the water for extended periods of time. This boat comes with a set of beautiful handmade Oregon oars. The oars have a classic curve in the blade and with the right rowing stroke a pleasure to sail wonderfully quiet and sporty if desired. The streamlined hull shape and small keel in the underwater hull make it a very fast and steady course boat. The width of up to 1.35 meters makes the boat stable and suitable for 1 or 2 people ADDITIONAL INFORMATION We advise you to use the viewing day. The boat is standing on the side. This boat is delivered without (hand) trailer and without motor. This boat is complete with oars and removable wooden parts (decks and benches) This boat is sold under the general and special auction conditions. This is a public auction so the purchase cannot be returned based on the legal right of withdrawal.


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