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Other Motorboats (Should be Deleted) Triton 25

Build year:  1997

Saltsjöbaden, Sweden

Motor boat for sale

39,480 EUR

(450,000 SEK)

  • Båtagent Sweden – Stockholm
  • Jonas Claesson
  • Sweden
  • +46 701 47 80 48
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The hull has an 18-degree V-shape and is rounded in the centerline, to keep as much of the drive above the waterline as possible. The outer bottom stroke is 15cm wide aft, to provide a strong lift while underway and also reduce rolling. The stroke narrows and is angled downward 2 degrees forward, to push down the bow wave while lifting the bow with heavy loads. The hull's keel-like design allows the Triton 25 to plane without porpoising for increased comfort and reduces wave disturbance in a certain speed range. The bottom is equipped with 2 step strips on each side. The freeboard has an additional stroke that is 50mm wide aft and tapers forward. This provides a strong beam reinforcement effect to the hull sides and, together with the slightly outward-leaning hull sides, increases the overall width to promote walkway widths on either side of the helm. The deck module, which also serves as a railing, is glued and laminated to the hull and equipped with a convenient staircase in the bow for easy boarding and disembarking. The staircase is openable and there are good storage spaces underneath. Additional storage space is available under the watertight hatch in the floor. There is one storage bench with storage screwed into the deck on each side. The engine room is accessible through the large watertight hatch on the aft deck and through easily removable sides under the deck. The deck and deck hatches are constructed with sandwich laminate divinycell or balsa as spacer material. The walkway width around the helm is approximately 50cm on the starboard side and approximately 40cm on the port side. The railing is located approximately 70cm above the deck, excluding the stainless steel rail. The hip-height railing increases the feeling of safety on board. The deckhouse is made of sandwich construction and bolted and glued to the deck's U-beam construction. The cabin is equipped with a approximately 55cm wide sliding door on each side. All glass in both sliding doors and cabin are made of tempered glass and mounted with rubber seals. The aft part of the helm is slightly lower and serves as an external helm and passenger seat. The boat has dual controls. The helm roof extends aft and serves as a backrest and armrest for both the helmsman and passengers. Two steps facilitate boarding and disembarking. Interior. Aft in the cabin, there are 4 berth places with ample width. 2 on each side, with the front ones extending under the seating in the helm. The berth bottoms are made of painted plywood, placed directly on the inner lining's beam system to prevent condensation. Storage compartments are located underneath. The front part of the cabin serves as the helm position on the starboard side and a passenger seat on the port side. In front of the passenger seat, towards the windshield, there is a pantry with a 2-burner gas stove and a sink with fresh water. Practical drawers for storage are located under the bench. Additional storage is available under the passenger seat. There is a storage cabinet under the helm seat. In front of the helm seat, there is a steering wheel, controls, and electronics. The fuse panel is located under the steering wheel on the bulkhead. The toilet compartment is accessed from the front part of the cabin through double doors and a hatch in the ceiling. The ceiling height in the toilet is slightly lower than the rest of the boat, 1.8m. The toilet is installed on the starboard side. In the middle, there is a sink with running water. On the port side, inside the bulkhead, the septic tank is located with a short hose leading straight up to the discharge hatch. Fittings and equipment. Sturdy plastic support strips. Grab rails, called shark fins, in the bow. Stainless steel grab rail on the railing around the entire boat, with an opening at the stern on each side. A stainless steel tube construction with teak slats serves as seats at the external helm and passenger seat.


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