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International 6 Metre

Build year:  1955

Brittany, France

Sailing boat for sale

34,000 EUR

  • The Metre Yard
  • Salterns Ln
  • SO31 8DH Bursledon
  • United Kingdom
  • +447771606747
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Clyde is a Fife/McMillian designed 6 Metre, built at the Fife Yard in 1955. She has had an interesting history and, during her current ownership of 37 years, has enjoyed racing and cruising in Brittany, France. In 1984 Clyde received a hull restoration which saw her fitted with strengthening around the mast, new deck configuration and aluminium spars. The last major work to be undertaken was the fitting of her new Oregon pine deck. Clyde is a very pretty 6 Metre, built for heavy winds in Scotland. She is lying in Brittany and is awaiting the next stage of her life. It is now time to find Clyde a new custodian who is looking for a project. She is now in need of work as shown in the pictures, but nothing an enthusiastic owner couldn't do. Specification to follow History Clyde, built in 1955 has a very interesting and special story to tell. She was originally built for Scottish water and is a sizable 6 Metre for this purpose. Clyde was designed by Archie McMillian using the same designs as Fiona, which was a William Fife III 6 Metre from 1933. Archie was the last foreman of the William Fife Boatyard and took over the yard when William Fife III passed away in 1944. Archie named his new yard the Fairlie Slipway Company and continued to build and develop designs from the drawing board of William Fife. Archie wanted to build himself a 6 Metre so naturally he looked through the designs and found the design of Fiona, a Fife design from 1933. He went about changing and modernising this design to suit the class rules of the 50s. Clyde was one of the few post WWII 6s to be built at the yard of Fife, as confirmed by Tim Street, the past 6 Metre President. In 1956 Archie’s yard was purchased by the Parker family and with that they also became the owners of Clyde. She was taken to Cowes Week in 1956 and raced only with two other 6 Metres. Following Cowes Week in 56, the 6 metre fleet did no further racing in the UK until the 80s. In 1984 Clyde was purchased by her current and long-standing owner, taken to Brittany, France where a hull restoration was undertaken by Chantier Pichavant yard. Work was undertaken to put her back into racing trim with a new deck layout, strengthening around the mast, wooden spars were replaced for aluminium ones, new winches and sails. Clyde raced up until 2015 with her current owner and has since enjoyed a relaxed life cruising in Brittany.


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