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Yamaha Waterscooters Recreation Exr

Bouw jaar:  2020

In Verkoophaven, The Ne...

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12.295 EUR

  • Holland Sport Boat Centre B.V.
  • The Netherlands
  • 0206947527
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. Our EX Series is world renowned as a WaveRunner with a great value for money. Our EX Series is world renowned as a WaveRunner with a great value for money, we are proud to add the even faster, even more fun EXR to this special line. A powerful, sporty machine that is versatile, yet easy to drive. High on the list of unique features is the lightweight, manoeuvrable NanoXcel2 hull - and our revolutionary RiDE technology, the intuitive, easy-to-use control system that has revolutionised the handling of our premium line WaveRunners. Despite its affordability, pure Yamaha blood flows through the veins of this EXR - technological innovation, world-class engineering and unparalleled reliability. Today's WaveRunner has a leading reputation for reliability and all-round performance based on years of experience. Yamaha has always been at the forefront of groundbreaking innovations in highly efficient four-stroke technology. The result? No other vessel can match this. 10% more poewr - 1049cc TR-1 HO engine All EX Series models are powered by our innovative 3-cylinder engine, the unrivalled 1049cc Yamaha TR-1. However, the EXR has the latest HO (High Output) version of the compact, lightweight unit. This provides 10% more power! The result? Great acceleration and fantastic top speeds, combined with Yamaha's legendary economy and reliability. New lightweight hull and deck material For the super sporty EXR, we have been careful to maintain the combination of user-friendly handling and balance that is so much appreciated in the other EX models. We have succeeded, even though we have redeveloped the hull and deck with the latest material - the uniquely light but extremely strong NanoXcel2. This makes our new EXR even faster, even more manoeuvrable - and possibly even more fun! RIDE@ system (with electronics to intuitively reduce reverse speed) The rovulutionary RIDE@ system provides a whole new experience and greatly enhances the self-confidence of every


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